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What is Monkeyplate?

Whatever you are into - Monkeyplate.com is a great way to share your online content with the world outside. Sign up for free, create your profile with your photos, videos and social media links, get your unique MP tag and take it to the world. Anyone who sees this tag can look you up on the MP website by searching your username. Who can find you, and what they can see, is up to you.

What is an MP Tag?

An MP tag is made of a username chosen by you, displayed inside the MP brand logo. We offer MP tags as high-quality vinyl stickers, in a range of colors, suitable for indoor and outdoor use that you can attach to many things such as cars, helmets, skateboards, laptops etc… and we post to many countries around the world. Anyone who sees this tag can look you up on the MP website by searching your username.

What if someone else has the same username as me?

When you choose your MP username, it is globally unique to you. Get yours while you can.

Someone has offered to sell me an MP username. Is it ok?

For security reasons, usernames are not transferrable from one user to another. Monkeyplate.com cannot guarantee the validity of a previously registered username offered by a third party, or that the username will continue to be recognised by the MP website.

Who can access my information on the Monkeyplate website?

You control what information your display on the MP website, and who can see it. You can easily change your privacy settings, or delete your information or account, at any time.

What do you do with my personal information?

We only request the minimum of personal information needed for the function of the website (first name and email address) and do not ask for any additional information from you. We only use the details you provide for the function of the website and do not buy, sell or trade your personal information and we will not profit from your personal details in any way. For more information see our Privacy Policy and our Cookie policy.

How do I contact Monkeyplate?

At the bottom of the screen you will see Contact. Use this to contact us about any MP issues or questions you have – we will read your message but due to volume of enquiries we are not always able to respond. Note: We take online abuse very seriously and there are also Report Abuse functions clearly visible throughout the website.